Servicing Areas 

Co-ord Services Pty Ltd currently services Southern Queensland and Northern NSW.

Products and Services 
  • Project Management & Engineering services
  • Construction & installation of steel gas mains
  • Supply test procedures and test reports
  • Construction & installation of polyethylene mains
  • Tender quotations for projects (Steel or PE)
  • Supply construction program for projects
  • Co-ordination of all permits and approvals
  • Locate and spot all existing utilities to prove given design alignment and reduce risk of damage or conflict with other utilities.
  • Construction and installation of new mains as per good work practices and procedures adhering to relevant codes.
  • Pneumatic testing – chart recording
  • Hydrostatic testing with Engineer approved test procedure and test report.
  • Construct and fit block valve assemblies and regulator control assemblies
  • Complete reinstatement
  • Complete as constructed drawings
  • Supply all pigging, pneumatic testing, hydrostatic testing procedures and reports to client
  • On practical completion – complete final inspection with clients representative
  • Give client copy of “as constructed drawings” showing alignments, changes of directions, weld numbers, R.L’s of pipe and natural ground etc.  
  • Specialised Welding Services


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